Saltwater Aquarium

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Keeping a saltwater aquarium typically requires a lot of money, knowledge and hard work, but you will be rewarded by the possibility of keeping amazingly beautiful and fascinating marine fish species. A few examples of popular saltwater fish species are Damsels, Clownfish, Blenny, marine Angelfish, Lionfish, Triggerfish, and Butterflyfish. Damsel and Clownfish are comparatively sturdy and suitable as beginner species. It is however important to know that some Damsels can grow quite aggressive and it can be hard to add new fish to the aquarium once you have got it going and wish to try your luck with more delicate species than the sturdy Damsels.

Saltwater fish needs a stable environment and really low amounts of soluble waste in the aquarium, since they are not used to rapid changes and waste rich water from the ocean. The vastness of the ocean acts as a buffer against rapid shifts, and the enormous amount of water rapidly dilutes organic waste before the levels get a chance to rise. Since such conditions are hard to replicate in the aquarium without the use of modern equippment, saltwater fish keeping did not began to grow popular until the 1950s.

There are three main types of saltwater aquariums, FO, FOWLR and Reef Aquariums, and saltwater fish can be present in all of them, even though it is rarer in Reef Aquariums. FO stands for Fish Only while FOWLR means Fish Only with Live Rock. Live rock is a piece of rock, usually coral, that is teeming with miniscule marine life. You never know exactly what you will get when you purchase live rock. You place it in your aquarium and hope that good-looking and mesmerizing things will start growing in, on and around it.

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