Eheim Jager Heaters Reviewed – Are These Worth?

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Finding a good heater is becoming more and more difficult these days. My heater of choice has long been the Fluval Tronic Heater but Fluval Management (or marketing… is there a difference?), in their infinite wisdom (or total lack of it), discontinued the Fluval Tronic line in leu of the Fluval E Series and Fluval M Series. As a result, after I decided it was time to replace both a Fluval Tronic that had been in use for almost 20 years (it was still working, I just decided to replace it) as well as an older (green color) Jager (pre-Eheim) heater that was almost as old, I started searching for the next “quality heater”, only to discover what I already knew. They just do not make things as well as they used to.

However, since Eheim remains known for quality I decided to go for the Eheim Jager in two of my 55 gallon tanks. I do have to state I was apprehensive since reviews on the Internet, while largely positive, did have a slew of negative experiences.

I should not have worried. These remain a quality heater.

Once you open the package and hold the filter in your hands you can feel the difference. This is a sturdy heater made of quality glass. As far as glass heaters go, this is as sturdy as they come. Big momma’s as well. Both longer and larger in diameter than other heaters I’ve worked with.

I have no complaints. I took the heaters out of the box, turned the dial to 80 (I keep my tanks at 80), placed them into the tanks, waited about 1/2 hour, unplugged the old heaters, plugged in the Eheims, pulled out the old heaters, and moved on with my life. No fiddle to it it. It just worked. No worries, no frustration, no problems. What more could you want?

Both of my Eheim Jager heaters have been in use for the better part of 2 years and I’ve experienced no issues. Even left one accidently plugged in while doing a water change. It survived, which is more than could be said for most heaters.

WattsTank Size
(up to)
Heater Length
5015 gallons9"
7526 gallons10"
10039 gallons12"
12552 gallons12"
15079 gallons13"
200105 gallons15"
250158 gallons17"
300264 gallons19"


Steady Temperature: Heater maintains a very steady temp without stressing (as in it’s not always on).

Ease of Use: Outside of the intital temp set, I’ve never had to adjust my heaters. I just set the dial on 80 and that’s where it’s been. They do have a “recalibration” feature I hope I never have to use, but it’s nice to know it’s capable of baselining it’s base temp to allow for accuracy of the dial (those old school fish keepers know what I mean, back in the day, the “dial” was worthless).

Quality: These things just feel like a quality piece of equipment. Hold one of these in your hand next to a Fluval M and it’s like the difference between a Cadillac and a Dodge Neon. There is no comparison.

Cost:For a quality piece of equipment, cost is reasonable. Certainly less than a Fluval E.

Made by Eheim:For the Eheim fanclub, nothing beats an Eheim. While not officially a member, I am on the mailing list. Wink

Made in Germany: Which means…. Not made in China.


Glass Heater without a Guard: While it’s obviously quality high density glass, it’s still a glass heater and there are no heater guards available for them. Unless you are the DIY type capable of manufacturing your own guard from PVC, this is not a heater for an Oscar tank. An Oscar will eventually break it. Aside from breakage, heater guards protect your fish from accidental burns.

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