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I’ve been in the Aquarium hobby for almost three decades. During that time, I’ve gone through almost every type of air pump made with a large U-Haul box of discarded ones in my garage to prove it. Most air pumps are excessively loud, wear out in a short amount of time. or (in most cases), both. A couple years back I had pretty much settled on Tetra Whisper pumps, considering them the “least bad of the affordable bunch”. Then I discovered the Danner Aqua-Supreme Air Pumps.

Danner Aqua-Supreme Air Pumps Review

As far as noise is concerned, there is no comparison. The Danner AP-4 (with dual outputs) is the quietest air pump I’ve ever used. With every other pump I’ve ever used, I am aware of them running. I am not aware of the Danner even though it is 2 feet behind my Lazyboy. As a result, I am currently ordering additional Danner Air Pumps to replace all of my remaining Tetra Whispers, each of which will go in the discard box with all of the other “spare” pumps. The Danner AP4 is not as powerful as the Tetra Whisper Model 60 (the equivalent dual outlet pump) but it is powerful enough to easily drive a pair of sponge filters and I will gladly exchange a bit of power for noise reduction.

The adjustable flow on the Danner pumps is beneficial in several aspects. If you need to drive some type of ornament that requires reduced flow (the skeleton on a toilet comes to mind), you can do so. If the flow is too extreme for smaller tanks, it can be reduced. Having this built into the pump reduces wear (thus improving longevity) as it is controlling the motor speed, not restricting flow which causes back pressure on the diaphram, as happens with airline valves.



  • Quiet: This is (thus far) the single biggest benefit of this airpump. While no air pump can be considered silent, this is the most quite air pump I’ve used.
  • Cost: The cost is almost identical to the Tetra Whispers. The AP-4 (with dual outlets) is about $16 online.
  • Scalability: The AP-8 is a four outlet model for only $25 (online). Tetra Whisper pumps do not have a four outlet model. Other comparible pumps are much more expensive.


  • Availabilty: Danner Air pumps are not readily available at locations such as PetCo, PetSmart, or Wal-Mart. Tetra dominates this market. They only recently became a product carried by Drs. Foster and Smith and I’ve never seen then available at Big Als. Regardless, you will likely need to purchase these online.
  • Longevity: I cannot testify to how long these pumps last as I’ve only started using them recently. However, Danner is a respected name in this market. I will assume they are a better made product than the Tetra Whispers. The first of these pumps I purchased has been running for about 6 months with no increase in noise and no loss of power.

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